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#tbt to picking up take-out from state parks

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Posted on 17 April, 2014

Stuntin’ (kite) (at Bella Beach, Lincoln City, OR)

Posted on 12 April, 2014

It’s hard to participate in things like siblings day when your sibling is so unphotogenic, but I guess this 2010 photo will do.

Posted on 10 April, 2014

Nettle night.

Posted on 6 April, 2014

#tbt to these beautiful mountains (at Mt. Emily Recreation Area)

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Posted on 3 April, 2014

Foraging a feast (at Tryon Creek State Park)

Posted on 30 March, 2014

N: whatever you're awesome
just get over it you stupid asshole. you're dating
i don't even care
and she probably doesn't either
i just think you're a stupid asshole.

Posted on 28 March, 2014

D: we did drink tea
and we actually cuddled
holy shit
i'm dying
we totally drank tea and cuddled and fell asleep
we took the dog to laurelhurst, had a picnic
tired from the sun
and we thought we were being so original
me: i want to kill myself
you are the gayest person ever
how did this happen
i feel catfished
D: if being "the gayest person ever" means finding the love of your life, browsing open houses on the internet, looking into chinese adoption agencies and wanting to declare your adoration for you soulmate by yelling it from a mountain
then yes, i guess i am the "gayest person ever"

Posted on 24 March, 2014

me: well, i'm glad you guys got it over with. i mean, it's been, what? two weeks? maybe? about time you said it.
D: that's what I said before I said it back
me: and then you pulled out the engagement ring?
and then you pulled a string hanging above your head, and a curtain fell, revealing a brand new home and baby in a crib
D: hahahaha
me: and then you put matching birkenstocks on her feet
and made some tea
D: were you hiding in the closet watching us?
me: i was in one of her three walk-in closets
but i was not there to watch you
i just like living somewhere with elbow room

Posted on 24 March, 2014

I came out of a lady. (at Treefort Music Fest)

Posted on 23 March, 2014

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